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If you're ready to stop the struggle + create a life and business by design, I'm glad you're here

We're going to make some magic!

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To Help You Create A Soul Based Business That Creates So much freedom, income + impact

If you're ready to leave struggle and shift into the business you came here to create, then I'm so glad you're here. It's time to say yes to soul mate clients, offers which light you up, spending time doing what you love instead of what you should and creating so much impact on the world.

If you're ready to get really aligned with who you are, elevate what's possible and create that business you were made for, we should talk

I'm Victoria, great to meet you

My friends call me VKL. I've been in business for 12 years and I'm your girl for soul aligned strategies that work. Profit creation + acceleration and helping you to create a life + business that's a reflection of who you are.

I'm here to help you shift from struggle, confusion and not really being all in, to massive clarity, impact and a business that you came here to create.

I genuinely believe

That when we're in alignment everything flows. What's not meant for us falls away. The next steps become effortless, our energy is off the charts and we do incredible work. When we wake up to our possibility, reclaim our truth and power, apply the strategies, get coached past our perceived limitations we can change the world. Are you with me?

My superpowers

are strategy, mindset + helping create profitable, impactful and sustainable businesses that don't feel like work.

I'm intuitive, a Generator in Human Design. I'm a Virgo (I got you on the details). Spiritual devotee, plant medicine dabbler, consciousness raiser, lightworker and business badass.

3 fun things about me:

  • I did a boxing match in October 2022 and won!

  • I used to be a cowgirl, I spent two years in Australia on a ranch mustering cattle

  • I used to DJ and spent 2 summers in Ibiza


My Story

I set up my first business in 2011 and that business changed the face of an entire industry, changed lives and got to six figures in year 2. I just sold that business in 2022.

The showreel and a few of proudest achievements

  • Speaking on stage in the UK, USA and Europe.

  • I had in excess of 25,000 customers

  • Creating a thriving membership of over 1,000 people!

  • Ran 100 events a year (and created a National Day for my business!)

  • Gained coverage in national and international press, plus a monthly column in a magazine.

  • Two National TV Appearances

  • Won 10 awards, including a very special 'outstanding contribution award' for my work.

  • I grew a team of 12 and franchised it

    ..... and so much more. It was pretty epic.

It wasn't all love and light though....

The not so proudest achievements...

Behind the scenes I was burning out..my self worth was on the floor. In pursuit of success and money I'd grown so out of alignment with who I truly was. I was chronically people pleasing and saying yes when I wanted to say no. I cared so much what people thought and that dominated my life. Then, when I felt it couldn't get any worse, in 2015 my Dad got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. This is where I knew I had to change and that's where my mindset journey started.

Everything changed once I committed and doubled down on my mindset.

From there I turned it all around in my business. I reclaimed my power, took back my self worth, said no when I wanted to. I started listening to my heart, not to the nagging voice in my mind. I got real with myself that my first business wasn't who I was anymore so I followed my heart.

I focussed on my strategy, built a team, removed myself from my business day to day and focussed on writing my #1 bestselling book "MAKE IT HAPPEN" and creating my thriving coaching practice. I had a membership, group coaching programmes and more 1:1 clients than I could cope with.

Then in late 2021 I pivoted that version of my coaching business down because it didn't feel in alignment with who I was becoming. I've grown so much spiritually, professionally and I was time to create more impact. So after really leaning into my intuition, my strengths, my joy, my gifts and my purpose, I'm here living and breathing my dream business, working 15 hours a week, working with soul mate clients and helping others to do the same.

Every day I feel grateful that I get to do this work. Every day I feel grateful that I get to feel like this as for so long it felt impossible for me.

I found myself with huge blocks in my mindset and business. After a few video coaching calls with VKL I began to see some clarity. She set me goals and targets and we created a simple plan to make it happen.

By setting those simple targets, they were easy to meet and I ended with the success I was mean’t for.

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